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Episode 3 - Let 'Em in

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4 years ago

Episode 3 – Let ‘Em In

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In this episode, we discuss the third episode of the season – Let ‘Em In. Zoe said it best in that “we go a little overboard this week.” We do our usual deep dive into critical scenes, and have far too much fun exploring Tomas as the naïve, but hopeful character that he is; we empathize with Marcus and his inner battle, and we get philosophical when we ask ourselves, “Who do bad things happen to good people.” Thanks again for listening. We owe this all to everyone out there in the exorcist congregation, again, and we LOVE YOU!

Music is "1000 Ways to Die" by Dish Pit, from their album 1000 Ways to Die, found on the Free Music Archive - and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

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Table of Contents for Episode 3 Deep Dive into Critical Scenes 0:57 – Opening Sequence, Kat, her love, & Car Crash Sequence 4:10 – Marcus, “Scary Cop,” and the corn sequence 6:20 – Pazuzu gives Casey a dress 12:50 – Tomas at the lunch table with all the fancy clergy 21:12 – Tomas (unsuccessfully) and Marcus (successfully) interrogate Casey in the church 26:56 – Church pews scene, Marcus just got excommunicated. Tomas offers to help 28:56 – Ballet dancers in mourning scene, Casey is touched again by the demon

The Writer’s Room 33:50- Marcus’s excommunication

  • Deeper way it affects him, fears about his own inner violence (@clockhearted-crocodile) 45:55 – The Train/Casey Nearly Murders a Man
  • Color schemes
  • Pacts with demons through sexual acts across horror genres
  • Ultimate climax, release in the homage to the original movie with Casey’s release 53:15 – Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People Explored
  • Did Pazuzu target the Rance’s from an early stage? (@Charley_d8)

Show Fun Facts/Easter Eggs 58:17

Exorcist Fandom Shout Out and Fan Spotlight 1:02:00 – @wrongexorcism

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