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Episode 7 - Father of Lies

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4 years ago

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In this episode, we discuss the seventh episode of the season – “Father of Lies.” In addition to getting into our first big discussion on why Bennet is a beloved character, we also explore themes of salvation both in the Exorcist story and humanity itself.

I KNOW….pretty deep, right?

Of course, there is the obligatory love of Marcus and his fashion – this time, his choice of blanket is does that thing chefs do thanks to Zoe pointing that out. We also give a shoutout to amazing Exorcist renewal congregant, Mary, for her dedication to the movement to get this show renewed for another season.

Music is "Liar" by Rollins Band, from album Weight.

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Table of Contents for Episode 7 Deep Dive into Critical Scenes 1:13 – The Return of Marcus’s Arms 1:57 – Bennett, He’s not just a glorified translator…he’s a fighter 4:50 – Opening Scene, Tomas and Marcus drag Casey to the convent 11:14 – Marcus and Mother Bernadette Argue a. 14:12 – Vulcan philosophy Discussion, “The Needs of the Many…” b. 15:32 – Slight shade thrown at Sam and Dean in Supernatural for always sacrificing themselves 16:45 – Marcus tells Tomas that he felt God in his hands 21:40 – Angela and Chris in the kitchen, Angela talking about how she wants to tell Casey that she is clean and good 25:50 – The usage of “fallen angel” in the exorcism prayer, discussion on salvation in the greater scheme (storywise, Catholicism and Protestantism, free will and fate) a. 31:30 – How do intentions in the eyes of God affect salvation? 34:30 – Casey being exorcised in the convent, Tomas Marcus Mother Bernadette and nuns all surrounding her in the eye of the storm 38:50 – Boiling Room Scene, Bennett and The Third Way to Exorcise People 40:52 – Marcus Wrapped in a Blanket. The Most Important Scene. a. 41:28 – Marcus’s gun barrel tattoo 45:10 – Final scene, Tomas bring Angela to Pazuzu

The Writer’s Room 47:18 – Stealth Bennett & Homage to Horror Games 50 – Homage to original exorcist movie with silent cuts? Maybe? 53:10- Meeting Scene between Brother Simon and Bennett, Swiss Guard explained

Fun Facts 56:00 – Jeremy Slater on challenging characters and God

Exorcist Fandom Shout Out and Fan Spotlight 58:33– @mlp60 Mary Powers on Twitter

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