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Bonus Episode - The Devil & Father Amorth and Deliver Us From Evil

Special Discussion on Exorcism Movies

4 years ago

**Bonus Episode – The Devil and Father Amorth & Deliver Us From Evil

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In this special bonus episode, we watch and analyze two films with themes of demonic possession. The first film is The Devil & Father Amorth, a documentary from the director of the original The Exorcist movie, William Friedkin. The second is 2014 film Deliver Us from Evil, directed by Scott Derrickson and based off of the real life events of NYPD cop Ralph Sarchie.

We chose these pieces for a few reasons. Since we started doing this podcast last February, we have grown fascinated not only with the cinematic portrayals of demonic possession in Hollywood, but also with the religious and scientific perspectives surrounding exorcisms in the real world. Are these exorcisms of actual demons? Are these manifestations merely symptoms of mental illnesses? What is the answer?

Music is "Ludovican" by notforme!, from album Ludovican.

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**Table of Contents

:22 - How Exorcist Fans Can Help with Season 3 Pick-Up Efforts 2:55 – Bonus Episode Introduction 4:35 – William Friedkin & Father Amorth 10:35 –Audio of the Possessed Woman in the film 13:10 - Why is this the first Vatican-approved exorcism to be filmed? 16:10 – Friedkin’s Choice of Recapping a Second Meeting with the Possessed 21:50 – Exorcism Approach of Love in documentary and Exorcist TV show 22:20 – Father Amorth’s usage St. Michael Archangel Prince of Heaven prayer, not used since 1964 25:08 – Conversation with Bishop who is Afraid to be an exorcist; “Teacher v. Warrior” a. Marcus Keane is the warrior, not the teacher 27:42 – Blatty’s Desire to Write a Non-fiction Book 29:10 – William Defoe in Italy, Robert Downey Jr. in England, the guy who invented a kitchen utensil in Tampa (maybe???) 31:20 – Deliver Us From Evil then and watching now 34:20 – The Scary Toy Owl Scene 36:00 – Jungler, the Demon is Named 39:10 – Why Zoe gets Stressed by Some American Horror 41:00 – The Final Exorcism Scene 44:54 – Why Do Demons Target Certain People (Tomas Ortega, Marcus Keane, Eric Bana’s character) 50:10 – The Problem of Evil v. The Problem of Good, quote from priest

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