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Episode 5 - Through My Most Grievous Fault

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4 years ago

Episode 5 Through My Most Grievous Fault

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In this episode, we discuss the fifth episode of the season – “Through My Most Grievous Fault.” Finally (slightly) overcoming our tech challenges as new podcasters, we discuss Marcus’s battle against the Demon for the first time alone in Casey’s room, explore Henry’s increasing suspicion into Angela’s past, and tackle a deeper philosophical side of this episode – what is truth? What is Marcus’s truth? What is Tomas’s?

There’s also a lengthy discussion on Marcus’s arms, so….that’s our headspace, too. HA!

Thanks again for listening. We owe this all to everyone out there in the exorcist congregation. You all are loved.

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Table of Contents for Episode 5 Deep Dive Discussions 1:34 – Opening Sequence, Marcus and Tomas in the alley 4:34 – Angela frantic cleaning scene in the kitchen, Henry arrives 9:42 – Marcus, Tomas begin the exorcism in Casey’s Room, Tomas’s tricked 18:13 – Marcus and Pazuzu alone in Casey’s Room 29:00 – Henry discovers red feather 32:00 – Marcus is arrested, Bennet bails him out (Marcus doesn’t say thank you) 37:58 – Tomas goes to church to confess, Angela reveals her secret 40:12 – Zoe horrifically objectifies Marcus Section

The Writer’s Room 43:00 a. Pathetic Fallacy b. The Point of No Return – This Episode c. Theme of Truth in this series

Bad Exorcist Puns 59:30 No Easter Eggs this Week – We have bad Exorcist jokes instead

Exorcist Fandom Shout Out and Fan Spotlight 1:01:00 – @tashastrawberry on Tumblr – great fan art @clockhearted-crocodile – excellent fan fics

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